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Gates Premiere

'Gates of Heaven' gala night and premiere will take place at the IMAX theatre in the Scientific Center of Kuwait on a date to be announced after Ramadan 2012.

Gates in 10 Languages!

In order to reach out for a greater audience, the 'Gates of Heaven' will be re-produced in 10 original versions in 10 languages.

Four New Documentaries

The Bodoor Charity is currently working on the production of four 30 minute documentaries based on the Gates of Heaven pretext. The Gates is subtitled; At the Thresholds. The subject matter of the Gates of Heaven is to elaborated upon, augmented and enriched with new audiovisual material. Each new product will bear the original title of Gates of Heaven to be subtitled according to its main drive. The first is "Gates of Heaven; Two Words – the Big Bang", the second will be "Gates of Heaven; One Word – Architecture", while the third comes as "Gates of Heaven; One Word – Expansion". The fourth will be titled "Gates of Heaven; Voices of Wonder". The new productions are foreseen to be available by the December 2012.