Media Production

Gates of Heaven - A Documentary Series

In the first move to implement the New Vision for charitable work adopted by Bodoor Foundation at the inception of 2012, a realistic approach that views impelling a better understanding of Islam forward is a genuine part of the charitable work. A view that stems from a 'scientific' appreciation of certain verses in the Qur'an. As startling as it may sound, understanding a select of Qur'anic verses through a 'scientific' perspective is at the core of understanding Islam in general. It also provides a full view of God's words in an timeless fashion. The Qur'an had been revealed to prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) 14 centuries ago is a lively testimony for all ages to come. If the compatibility is perfect with modern science, a better understanding of Islam will be attained.

This is what is stated in Bodoor's Mission Statement…

Exalting the values of reasoning, contemplating, and thinking, cherished throughout the Gracious Qur'an and the prophetic tradition, by offering penetrating media products that exhibit a scientific approach to a select of Qur'anic verses. In so doing we hope to participate in a world intercultural dialogue…..

The Vision reiterates…To pave the way for a modern generation worldwide to discover certain highlights of the Islamic culture as represented by the values of reasoning, contemplating and thinking through the perspective of a modern science, aiming at enriching a global intercultural environment…..

And so a progeny of this vision had been born; the 59 minute documentary "Gates of Heaven" has been produced in two versions Arabic and English to address just 4 words in the Qur'an through a modern scientific perspective. Verses with inherent scientific signs will be the source material for upcoming productions.

Visit the following website to read the full narration of the film

Watch the trailer here.

Now Gates of Heaven is a 4-part series. Watch the complete series here.