Educational Development

Enlight and Educate

Inspired by the light beaming through more than 1000 verses in the Qur'an urging Muslims to take up science and seek knowledge, to think and rationalize the world, Bodoor has laid out its strategic approach to charitable work around those principles. Giving material Foundation, albeit direfully needed, is one thing and developing minds is another. Bodoor combined both in a well-structured plan to cover areas in need in the Islamic World.

The Enlight-and-Educate initiative carried out for more than a decade is yielding substantial results. The establishment of more than 5 Islamic Cultural Centers in such a relatively short time is one striking evidence of Bodoor's commitment to its strategy. The structure of each center has been formatted in an identical pattern to cater for the cultural needs of an environment hungry for education. The establishment of the Ali bin Abi Taleb (may Allah be please with him) Islamic Center in a remote area in Eastern Java, Madura Island, Indonesia, is made up of one big school, a spacious mosque and other amenities, including a Qur'an memorizing unit, as a basic model structure for all centers to come.

Hence the creation of the Dar Assalam Islamic Center in Tanzania followed by others; in Sadr village, Shikari Kanta in Momen Shahi province in Bangladesh where the mosque houses 440 prayers and the school built on a 300 square meter space to educate imams to propagate the message of Islam. Other centers were built in Crimea, Ukraine, in Thailand asserting Bodoor's view of combining a variety of cultural services in one compound.