Hygienic Development

Heal and Cure!

One hadith (saying) by the prophet Mohammad reads: "Oh worshippers of Allah… seek the cure, for Who has caused the ailment to happen, has created the cure".

Guided by the hadith Bodoor Foundation has sought a health preservation and development plan within its strategy for charitable work. Where that could be implemented? Naturally…where the need calls. So Bodoor has undertaken the task of building a maternity hospital in India to cater for the needs of one Islamic community in this country.

In the same vein Bodoor has participated in building one of the biggest medical establishments; the Central Charitable Hospital in Cairo, Egypt. Approached by the Islamic Medical Society of Egypt, Bodoor immediately responded by donating a generous contribution to fulfill its promise of providing for the preservation of health and the development of sanitary establishments for Muslim communities. And so followed contributions to the Patients Aid Fund in Sudan and to the Islamic Medical Society of Lebanon.