Bodoor Foundation

Objectives and Fields of Activity

1. Promoting Islamic values of moderation, social justice, enlightenment and compassion. A special emphasis is laid on creating and/or supporting initiatives developing an international balanced understanding of these values.

2. Creating projects aiming at the enhancement of cultural and scientific exchange in the Muslim countries and the world at large.

3. Presenting mass communication products generating a fresh outlook of the legacy of the Islamic civilization. A special priority is given to examining the scientific signs in the Qur’an while highlighting the scientific and cultural achievements of this civilization.

4. Managing and maintaining relief and developmental processes in poor, disadvantaged and disaster-stricken areas worldwide. An effort pursued in cooperation with professional organizations. The main target is set to assist in reaching some level of self-sufficiency in those areas.

5. Providing for underprivileged communities inside and outside Kuwait.

The Foundation is registered in Kuwait in 2005 to pursue activities promoting the general good and public utility services.