Maybe the most distinguishable promise the Bodoor Foundation has even taken since its inception in the year 2005 is that of Reaching Out. Now a title of a new short film, Reaching Out examines the reach of the Bodoor promise on a multileveled developmental scale; humane, educational, health and intellectual.

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Bodoor Foundation supported the Ramadan Breakfast Program in Bangladesh.



Deplorable conditions under which Muslims lived in the village of Pratit, Ku Tim, Cambodia



By God's grace Bodoor's initiative to build a new integrated compound in the Ku Tim village area in Cambodia had its significant rewards.



Relief efforts are not necessarily limited to face nature's fury. Bodoor Foundation has coined a long term strategy to support education in various parts in the Islamic world.



The Ali bin Abi Talib Center (may Allah be pleased with him) beams over a spot in Madera Island, Eastern Java, Indonesia, not only with its beautiful architecture but mainly with its combination of school and mosque supported by Bodoor Foundation.


Gates of Heaven

The documentary film "Gates of Heaven" (2012) has marked Bodoor Foundation's first venture in the film production domain. Tagged as a fresh look at charitable contribution, the film examines four words in the Qur'an through a modern scientific perspective.

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The new Bodoor Foundation flyer for distribution


"Exalting the values of reasoning and thinking through media products exhibiting a scientific approach to the Qur'an, in a world intercultural context, while enhancing the values of moderation and developmental contributions to areas in the Islamic world…"

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Human Development: A new hope for the Pratit villagers

Only a few years ago the living conditions in one of the poorest spots in Cambodia were simply deplorable.

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Educational Development: Enlight and Educate

Inspired by the Qur'an ,Bodoor has laid out its strategic approach to charitable work around those principles.

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Hygienic Development: Heal and Cure

One hadith (saying) by the prophet Mohammad reads: "Oh worshippers of Allah… seek the cure, for Who has caused the ailment to happen, has created the cure".

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Gates of Heaven - A Documentary Series

In the first move to implement the New Vision for charitable work adopted by Bodoor Foundation at the inception of 2012, a realistic approach that views impelling a better understanding of Islam.

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